Rental information

RENTAL FEES . . . per dome
1 person . . . $150 per week
2 people . . . $170 per week

Minimum age to rent a dome is eighteen years old.


PETS *Please read #11 in our Rules & Regulations
One (1) pet is permitted per dome   
      Pet fee . . . $6 per week. 
      Pet damage deposit . . . $100  (must be paid prior to the pet moving in.)
The damage deposit will be refunded only if the pet causes no damage.



Prior to moving into a dome, a single tenant must pay $450, which includes:

  • the first week’s rent of $150

  • a damage/cleaning deposit of $300

The damage/cleaning deposit will be refunded only if: 
     1)   the tenant stays more than 1 month  
     2)   the tenant leaves the premises clean and undamaged  



  • Electricity, water and internet service.

  • There is a dumpster on the premises, available for tenant use. 

  • There is a public mail box at the entrance to the property.  For your security, we strongly advise getting a post office box at a U.S. Post Office.

  • One (1) parking space is provided for each dome.

Cable/satellite for TV is provided only for the suites. Tenants may make their own arrangements for television with a local satellite company.

Rent is due on Fridays, for the following week. 

               City National Bank Hours: Grand Saline & Hawkins

Lobby Hours                                                           Drive Thru Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9:00 - 4:00                               Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 6:00
Saturday & Sunday: Closed                                   Saturday: 8:00 - 12:00                         

Grace period is until Monday at 5pm.
Late fee is $25, due Tuesday.
Lock will be changed on Wednesday for a further fee of $15.
No exceptions.

Questions?   Please contact us 
                          (903)-372-1451 or (903)-372-1452




Downloadable Files: Rental Policies & Rental Information

Rental policies


Bedrock Inn Rules & Regulations,


These rules are policy of Bedrock Inn and are legally binding. Each one is important and will be strictly enforced for the mutual peace, health, protection, safety and benefit of Tenants and Management. All Tenants and their Visitors are responsible for following these rules. Each tenant must be at least 18 years of age in order to rent.

1. Rent is due on Fridays, for the following week and is to be paid at City National Bank, (300 W Frank St, Grand Saline, TX 75140 or 205 Beaulah St. Hawkins, TX 75765). It is very important that you put your Dome # on the deposit slip.

LEGALLY, NONPAYMENT TERMINATES RESIDENCY. If you are delinquent in payment of rent, Management may choose to do any or all the following:

• Charge a late fee on Tuesday of $25 with the rent.

• Change the lock on Wednesday for an additional $15.

• Seize personal belongings of entertainment-type items, including televisions and accessories, stereos, computers. We cannot seize tools, clothes, furniture, bedding or dishes.

• If you fail to leave, we can turn off your electricity.

2. REGISTRATION FOR STAY — Initial payment is: the first week’s rent, and a damage/cleaning deposit of $300.

3. TERMINATION OF STAY — Notice of termination-of-stay must be given to the Management at least 1 (one) week in advance. All personal property and trash must be removed from the dome before you leave. Deposits are returned only to residents who have fulfilled all the following conditions: 1.) are current with their payments; 2.) abide by Bedrock rules as stated in this document; 3.) who gave a week’s notice of leaving; 4.) left their domes clean and undamaged; 5.) have stayed a minimum of 12 weeks. Breaking any of these rules will cause the forfeiture of all deposits and rent payment refunds.

4. Bedrock Inn has the right to give written notice of eviction at any time for any reason.

5. RIGHT OF ENTRY — Bedrock Inn is a registered extended stay motel and as such the management has the right to enter domes for inspection, cleaning or maintenance at any time without prior notice.

6. ALCOHOL and Drugs — Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in moderation and alcohol consumers must be over the age of 21 years. No drunkenness will be tolerated. Illegal drugs are strictly forbidden anywhere on Bedrock property.

7. NO LOUD MUSIC, NOISE, PROFANITY or other obnoxious behavior offensive to the other Tenants or to Management is allowed. The comfort and rights of other tenants must always be respected.

8. GARBAGE DISPOSAL is the responsibility of each Tenant. All trash must be bagged and placed in the provided receptacle on a regular basis. Trash must not accumulate inside or outside the Dome. No exceptions! Cardboard boxes must be broken down. Any violation will be grounds for eviction. Garbage day is ___________________________

9. HOUSEKEEPING — Each dome must be kept clean and neat inside and outside. Each Tenant must pick up all trash, cigarette butts, toys and other debris in front of and around his/her unit. Please pick up anything not being used and put it away.

10. FORBIDDEN ITEMS — The following items are strictly forbidden: vehicle batteries, fuel, camp stoves, torches, chain saws, heavy tools, greasy items, unused bicycles or anything else which may cause property damage or be unsightly.

11. PETS — Only one (1) pet is allowed—and only with prior permission of Bedrock Management. The pet must weigh 20 pounds or less and must live primarily indoors. Tenant must provide proof that vaccinations are current. See attached Pet Policy. There is a damage deposit of $100 for each pet. A weekly fee of $6 will be added to the rental payments. All Tenants with a pet are responsible for pet care and waste cleanup. Failure to declare a pet will incur a fee of $10 per week starting from the week tenant moved-in.

12. NO FIREWORKS may be stored or set off on Bedrock property, inside or outside of Domes.

13. VEHICLES —You are permitted to drive ONLY on the gravel road. You are NEVER permitted to drive around the domes or on the large grassy area. Water and sewage pipes are underground all around the domes and the large grassy area is the drain field for the septic tank. Vehicle repair on the property is prohibited. Heavy commercial vehicles are not allowed. Car washing is not allowed. We provide a designated space for one car per dome. Extra parking spaces are for one guest per tenant. Speeding on our road is cause for immediate eviction.

14. WASTEWATER – We have our own wastewater treatment on site. Nothing is to be flushed down the toilet unless you have swallowed it first. Please keep the use of toilet paper to a minimum. We have had the lines clogged multiple times with items such as cat litter, condoms, Q-Tips, saran wrap, dishtowels, paper towels, cigarette butts and grease. Please put grease in a container, then into your bag of trash and then into the dumpster.

15. WATER USAGE — Do not use outside hoses or water lines for any reason without permission from Management.

16. NO UNREGISTERED VISITORS ALLOWED — No person shall be allowed to stay more than two (2) nights at any time without the prior registration of that person with Management. Tenants are responsible for their Visitors abiding by all Bedrock rules, while on the premises.

17. WINDOW — 2 curtain rods, 3 blinds and several magnets are provided by Bedrock. There shall be no foil or blankets in the windows at any time. NOTHING may be installed in or on the domes unless approved in advance by Bedrock management.

18. NO LAUNDRY may be hung outside the units.

19. MAIL SERVICE — Your mailing address is: Dome # ______, 1995 VZCR 1803, Grand Saline, TX 75140 or Dome #_____, 10445 CR 338 Lindale, TX 75771. You will be responsible for collecting your own mail from the roadside box. Management bears no responsibility for missing or stolen mail.

20. NO SOLICITING is allowed on any property owned by Bedrock unless approved in advance by Management.

21. IF TENANT LEAVES and does not return, Bedrock will sell, without prior notice, any and all property left in the unit for its face value to pay rent owed and costs incurred. Any excess may be paid to the Tenant.

22. PERSONAL PROPERTY — Bedrock Inn is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property due to fire, theft, or accident. When Tenants move and leave personal property, they cannot expect to see it again.

23. EQUIPMENT & FURNITURE — Equipment and furniture provided by Bedrock Inn is the property of Bedrock Inn and is not to be removed for any reason. Removal of Bedrock owned furniture or equipment will be considered theft and violators will be prosecuted

24. MAINTNENANCE & COMPLAINTS — Please inform Management promptly if there is an emergency.

Call (903) 372-1451 or (903) 372-1452

If you have forgotten your code, do not call after 10:00 PM or before 7:00 AM.

25. ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING FROM THE INTERNET OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, visiting illegal websites, and/or using illegal software will result in immediate eviction and prosecution.

I understand that failure to comply with any one of these rules by me or my visitor(s) may result in
immediate termination of my residency—without notice and without recourse or refund of any kind.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and received a copy of these rules. With my signature below, I
hereby agree to abide by all conditions stated on both the front and the back of this Rules & Tenant
Agreement Form.
PRIMARY TENANT SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________ DATE:
SECOND TENANT SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________ DATE: