Dome construction process

•   Pour a concrete slab

•   Attach the airform to the slab and inflate it with blowers The airform is a heavy duty, 26-mil vinyl balloon-like structure, custom made to almost any size, with door and window openings built in as desired during its manufacture

•   With access through double door airlocks, pressure is maintained during the construction process and all of the structural work is done on the inside.

•   Door and window frames of treated pine are installed in the locations built into the airform.

Ground breaking at The Inn Place, June 2
Dome Construction.jpg

•   Urethane foam is applied in several layers to a depth of three inches, with re-bar hangers imbedded between layers during the application. The re-bar is attached in horizontal bands first, then vertically inside of the horizontal bands, on a spacing of 12 inches.

•   Conduit is installed next to the re-bar where electrical outlets are specified.

•   Finally, shotcrete (wet concrete blown into place with compressed air) is applied, over a two to three day period, in half inch thick layers to a thickness of three inches.

•   After the concrete is finished, the airlocks are removed, the vinyl is cut out of the window openings and the shell is complete.